About Us
Since 1975, ICC has been manufacturing non-destructive test equipment for the governmental and consultancy industry. ICC has established itself as one of the industry leaders for its products. It has successfully negotiated and received contracts for its products around the world. ICC supplies its customers with high quality hardware and software to meet their data collection needs. ICC produces accurate, dependable data collection equipment for a reasonable price. ICC plans to grow by developing new equipment as technology changes.

We have implemented a new state-of-the-art customer support and CRM system. You can follow and track any order, service ticket or custom change in real time. You can receive online support. Our technicians can remotely log into your system for immediate repair diagnostics.
Call us at 727-547-0696 to become an authorized subscriber to Service Plus.

We have a wide selection of products that are ideal for use in the following:

Pavement Management
Asset & Sign Inventory
Mobile Mapping
Construction Quality & Control
Design & Build Estimation

ICC offers the industry’s largest selection of sub-systems and equipment solutions. Our products are ideal for pavement management, asset & sign inventory, mobile mapping & surveying, construction quality control and design build / estimation.