Inertial Profiling Equipment

Surface Profiler (Patent 6,775,914)
The Surpro 3500 uses patented technology to obtain reference profile data with 99.9%-100% repeatability and accuracy. It is the only reference device to meet FHWA’s Golden Reference Profiling Device requirements.

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Lightweight Profiler
ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler that is mounted to an all terrain vehicle (ATV). Collects accurate and repeatable data from 5 to 45 mph.

P3 Portable Precision Profiler
ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler that is portable. The system is hitch mountable and compatible with imaging, GPS, cross-slope, texture, faulting, geometrics, rutting and many more options.

High-Speed Profiler
ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler that is capable of integrating with any sub-system. Collects accurate and repeatable data from 10 to 75mph.

Friction Testers

Single & Dual Sided Friction Tester
System consists of a specially equipped truck and trailer that collects accurate surface friction data. The system meets the requirements of ASTM E274 and ASTM E1337.

Extended Range Friction Tester XR
This system collects accurate friction data for extremely long distances. The system can hold up to 1200 gallons of water which results in a 400% increase in productivity.

Digital Imaging Systems

Collect high quality images with full panoramic vision. This imaging system is fully compatible with all data collection sub-systems.

Forward/Right of Way
ICC offers multiple solutions for digital imaging. Our systems have a 5 megapixel or better resolution and can be used in challenging illumination situations.

ICC offers high resolution line-scan imaging systems with laser illumination. The pavement images with a resolution of 4,096 pixels can display cracks to 1mm in width.

ICC has a developed a true 3D pavement data collection system capable of finding and quantifying distress and cracking data. The system uses 3D camera technology with laser illumination to create high resolution 3D pavement scans.
Subsystems & Optional Equipment
Longitudinal Profile/Inertial Profilometer  Rutting 
Transverse Profile Distress Measurement
Roughness/Ride 3D Imaging
Faulting GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar
Texture FWD – Falling Weight Deflectometer
Cross Slope LIDAR
Geometrics (Cross Slope, Grade, Radius of Curvature, Applanix) Automated Cracking
Digital Imaging (ROW, Forward & 360°) Reflectometer Mirolux
Pavement Imaging Pavement Management Software
Friction HFST & Specialty Testing Retro Reflectivity